Frequently Asked Questions

Service costs

The service costs will be € 320,- per month. These costs will cover payment of the concierge, security, window cleaning, cleaning of the public areas and energy costs for the public areas.

What is the minimum rental period?

You will rent an apartment in New Amsterdam for a minimum of 12 months, with a minimum notice period of one month. After these 12 months the rental period will be indefinite, with a notice period of one month.

What is the notice period?

The minimum notice period is one month. After twelve months you can give notice of termination of the tenancy on any day, after which the notice period applies. You can give notice of termination of the tenancy on ‘My Vesteda’: the online portal to quickly and easily arrange all your tenancy-related affairs for the duration of your rental agreement.

Can I install a dividing wall in my apartment?

No. It is not allowed to place any walls in your apartment.

Are there elevators in New Amsterdam?

Yes, 4 elevators are available divided over the two towers.

Which documents do I have to provide?

Did you register at Vesteda and did you receive an invitation to view an apartment? Then we will ask you by email to send us a number of documents.  We will evaluate you as a candidate based on the documents you submit.

Please take a look at our checklist.

Are animals allowed?

Yes, no problem. Provided that they cause no inconvenience.

Is there a parking garage in the area?

The Mahler Q-Park is situated underneath New Amsterdam.

What are the income requirements?

Please look at the available apartments and review the basic rental prices. If you see an apartment you like and wish to know what the income requirements are, please check the amounts! You calculate the rent that fits your income. The maximum rent is your gross monthly income divided by 3.5 for one tenant or by 4 for two tenants. Normally, there will be a security deposit of one month’s rent.

Are you in salaried employment?
Your monthly salary is your gross salary excluding holiday pay, bonuses, or other variable remuneration. Your continued employment must be guaranteed for at least six months, with an intention to continue thereafter. The gross salary must be based on fixed working hours that are set out in an employment contract.

Are you an independent contractor/self-employed?
Divide your net pre-tax annual profits by twelve to derive your gross monthly income. Self-employed persons will normally have to provide a security deposit of three months’ rent.

Are you retired?
To calculate your gross monthly income, take your available monthly income and add 30%.

Extra income
If you have assets, then you may add 10% of the assets divided by twelve to your gross monthly income.
If you receive partner maintenance, you can add this to your gross monthly income.
(Child maintenance is not counted towards your gross monthly income.)

Will you be renting with your partner?
If you can demonstrate long-term cohabitation with your partner, you can rent as a couple, which means you can combine both your incomes for the purposes of calculating your maximum rent.
We do not rent housing to students, housing-sharers, or tenants sponsored by third parties.

Can someone else (for example, parents) rent a property for me?

No. The primary tenant must register with the local authorities as the resident of the property. It is not legal in the Netherlands to have more than one address as your primary address.

What are the contract costs?

Every new tenant pays a one-time fee of € 113.74, including VAT, to cover the administrative and contract costs involved in preparing and signing the rental contract.

I recently lived abroad and have returned to the Netherlands. Is my foreign employment contract acceptable?

Vesteda must review where you will work for the duration of your employment contract. This specific employment contract must apply for more than six months. In summary:

This agreement applies if you will be working for a foreign company in the Netherlands.
You will not be able to rent if you are going to stop working for a foreign company and start looking for employment in the Netherlands.

Why are there income requirements?

Vesteda works for professional property owners such as pension funds and investors. These owners are highly concerned with the quality of their housing, which is why they hire a professional property manager like Vesteda to handle their properties.

Along with giving you the best possible advice, organizing viewings, and taking care of the formalities, our task is to select the best candidates.

To do this, we use criteria such as:
– Income versus rent
– Creditworthiness
– ID fraud
– Improper use of the rental unit

The bar may seem high, but on the other hand, once you are in a Vesteda unit it is good to know that your new neighbours also meet these same standards.

I am self-employed, what are the income requirements?

Divide your net pre-tax annual profits, your revenues minus your costs, by twelve to derive your gross monthly income. Self-employed persons will normally have to provide a security deposit equivalent to three months’ basic rent. Vesteda reserves the right to stipulate a different security deposit after reviewing your documents. You will be informed of the definitive amount before you choose whether or not to use your option and transfer the deposit.

I am going to start with my first job and do not have three salary statements to submit. Can I rent?

Yes, that is possible. We use your current employment contract when reviewing your application. This must apply for a period of at least six months. We would ask you for a letter of intent on behalf of your employer. Your employer would state in this letter that they intend to employ you for a longer period of time.

Does Vesteda require a security deposit?

Yes, upon the signing of a rental contract, Vesteda normally requires one month’s rent as a security deposit from tenants in salaried employment. For self-employed persons, the standard security deposit is three months’ rent. Vesteda reserves the right to stipulate a different security deposit after reviewing your documents.